Moerbei menu

Sashimi of yellow tail, tom yam with yuzu, marinated zucchini, cucumber and bell pepper

With coffee pickled sirloin packed in radish, melus onion, cream of mustard

Marinated cauliflower mushroom, pickled rettich, cream of burrata, landcaviar,
and a crunch of nori

Oysters: Zeeuwse platte
2 Classic, 2 gratinated with café beurre de Paris, and 2 Thai style
‘To order as a starter or second course’ (supplement + €19,50)


Fried langoustine, Ravioli filled with pike-perch, artichoke and a sauce of langoustine

Glaced sweetbread, grilled eggplant, miso, orange and a beurre blanc with sesame
Open ravioli of beetroot, carrot, cream of celeriac, crunch of hazelnuts
and a sauce of beetroot


Grilled sole fillet, glaced eel, cream of green peas, double shelled broad beans,
sauce of verbena

Baked turbot with sweet and sour chicory, a oyster Beurre Blanc sauce,
poached oyster and 10 grams of caviar of the house Anna Dutch
(supplement + € 19,50)

Fried venison, salsify, Hokkaido pumpkin, king boletus with a sauce Bordelaise
Fregola, cèpes, truffle, marinated shallot and sauce of cèpes


Variation of quality cheeses
cheese instead of dessert supplement € 5,00
Blue Stilton, chutney of red onion and figs, foam and a gel of red port


Tartelette, cream of blackcurrant, blackberries and sorbet of blackcurrant
Foam of amaretto, cream of mascarpone, ice cream and a sauce of coffee

                             3 courses                             € 72,50 (only for lunch)

4 courses                             € 87,50

5 courses                             € 99,50


*We’d like to point out that we will do our uttermost best to fulfill your wishes,
but we can’t guarantee that there are no traces or residue in our dishes.
some of the allergies are so severe that we can’t make any promises.


The á la Carte dishes as well as the different courses on the menu are replaced regularly.
We’re using
fresh seasonal products for all of our dishes. For example when it’s the season for asparagus, lamb or game we’ll try to use it in our menu.

The Northsea plays an important role in our fish courses, like the sole, turbot or lobster.
In springtime the Dutch suckling lambs straight out of the area are a favourite to work with. If it is up to our standard.

The dishes which we prepare with care and passion in the kitchen of Restaurant de Moerbei are based on the French Haut Cuisine with different gastronomical influences. One of which is Asian.