Appetizers and intermediate dishes

Canadian lobster with melon, crisps of sesame and verbena
€ 34,50

Preperations of duck with red beetroot, gel of marsala and sweet and sour beetroot
€ 29,50

Bonbon of tomato with celery, crumble of olives and icecream of mustard
€ 24,50

Fine Claire oysters
2 Asian style, 2 with Beurre Blanc and caviar and 2 classique
€ 39,50

Skin side cooked seabass with antiboise, crispy Loligo and a sauce of bell pepper
€ 29,50

crispy baked sweetbread and blade steak, chutney of pumpkin and sauce of mace
€ 29,50

Crispy baked cêpes with a sauce of cêpes,a bavarois of celeriac and a poached egg
( u can order this as a main course for € 45,00)
€ 29,50


Main dishes

Baked halibut with a sauce of bouillabaisse, fennel, rouille and in caraway cooked carrots
€ 49,50

Baked turbot with sweet and sour chicory, a oyster Beurre Blanc sauce,
poached oyster and 10 grams of Osetra caviar of the house Anna Dutch
€ 65,00

Anjou pigeon with mushrooms, cream of miso and sauce of Szechuan
€ 52,50

Rouleau of leeks with marinated fennel, cream of chickpeas, portobello
and a Beurre Blanc with dill
€ 37,50


Soufflé of black current berry with sorbet icecream of pure chocolate
€ 17,50

Apple with sauce of caramel and vanilla icecream

Variation of quality cheeses

(*We can not guarantee that our menu is 100% allergic free. Ask for the options)