Appetizers and intermediate dishes


Terrine of Canadian lobster with smoked salmon, fennel and a vinaigrette of saffron
€ 27,50

Rillettes of duck with a rouleau of duckliver, gel of piccalilly
with a crisp of Ras el hanout
€ 27,50

Japanese rettich with tofu, cream of Boemboe Bali, vinaigrette of sambai with
a gel of ponzu and black radish
€ 23,50

Dutch zeeland oysters 5/0
2 Asian style, 2 with Beurre Blanc and caviar and 2 classique
€ 39,50

Slightly smoked and baked fillet of sole with preperations of cucumber, cream of dill

and sauce Beurre Blanc with green pepper
€ 27,50

Anjou pigeon with a crisp of sourdough & onion, shiitake, cream of miso
and sauce of Szechuan

€ 27,50

Salsify au gratin with a cream of chives, beech muchrooms,
vinaigrette of morilles and Belper Knolle cheese
€ 23,50

Main dishes

Baked turbot with a sauce of bouillabaisse, fennel, rouille and in caraway cooked carrots
€ 47,50

Tasting of Dutch Suckling lamb with green asparagus, zucchini, artichoke,
couscous with Piment d’Espelette and a sauce of black garlic
€ 45,00

Rouleau of leeks with marinated fennel, cream of chickpeas, portobello
and a Beurre Blanc with dill
€ 37,50


Bombe of coconut filled with a sauce of exotic fruit, marinated mango,
cookie of coconut and sorbet of pineapple and rum
€ 17,50

Dutch marinated strawberries & rhubarb, a cremeux of Bergamot
and icecream of yoghurt with Earl Grey

Variation of quality cheeses