Appetizers and intermediate dishes

Canadian lobster, Gazpacho of watermelon and tomato, cream of lovage
and a crunch of sesame


With coffee pickled sirloin packed in radish, melus onion, cream of mustard

Asparagus cooked in yellow curry, salad of asparagus and artichoke, vinaigrette of dill
and a crunch of cashewnuts

Fine de Claire oysters
2 Asian style, 2 with beurre blanc and caviar and 2 classic

Skin fried seabass, risotto with chives, honey tomatoes and a sauce of saffron

Slow cooked shortrib of the veal with oxtailsausage, green beans and sauce of sambai

Gnocchi, kimchi of white cabbage, spaghetti of kohlrabi and a sauce of wild garlic

Main dishes

Skin fried haddock with hand peeled Dutch schrimps,
marinated fennel and and a sauce Bouillabaisse

Baked turbot with sweet and sour chicory, a oyster Beurre Blanc sauce,
poached oyster and 10 grams of Osetra caviar of the house Anna Dutch

Dutch suckling lamb, roll of the back fillet with trompette de la mort, foam of curry
and a sauce of black garlic


Fried green asparagus, bavarois and a crunch of Parmesan, almonds, Maitake mushrooms
and a sauce of smoked paprika



Variation of quality cheeses

Blue Stilton, chutney of red onion and figs, foam and a gel of red port

Dutch strawberries, rhubarb, cremeux of eggnog and ice cream of pistachio

Foam of amaretto, cream of mascarpone, ice cream and a sauce of coffee

The á la Carte dishes as well as the different courses on the menu are replaced regularly. We’re using
fresh seasonal products for all of our dishes. For example when it’s the season for asparagus, lamb or game we’ll try to use it in our menu.

The Northsea plays an important role in our fish courses, like the sole, turbot or lobster.
In springtime the Dutch suckling lambs straight out of the area are a favourite to work with. If it is up to our standard.

The dishes which we prepare with care and passion in the kitchen of Restaurant de Moerbei are based on the French Haut Cuisine with different gastronomical influences. One of which is Asian.