Appetizers and intermediate dishes

Canadian lobster with preparations of melon and lovage, cream of wasabi & sesame,
crisp of sesame and roasted peanuts
€ 32,50

Three preperations of duck: smoked and pickled duckbreast, rillette of the duckleg
and a terrine of the duckliver with a gel of Pommeau the Normandy

€ 26,50

Lightly smoked and roasted celeriac with avocado, Parmesan foam, miso cream


Baked fillet of plaice with preparations of cauliflower, sea-aster, hazelnut
and oyster beurre blanc


Slow cooked short rib of the veal with sausage of oxtail, stew of green beans,
shallot & crispy potato and sauce of sambai


King’s ‘St. Jacobs’ mushroom with sauce of lovage, sea-aster and elderflower

marinated yellow mustard seeds

Main dishes

On potato baked brill fillet with antiboise of tomato, stewed zucchini and gravy of shrimps
€ 45.00

Aberdeen Black Angus beef loin with roasted garlic sauce,

Compote of red onion and foam of chorizo
€ 45,00

Dutch roe deer with red beetroot, chantarelles, peas and gravy of cardamom
€ 45.00

Artichoke au gratin with asparagus, salsify, gnocchi and a

thyme & rosemary sauce



A bridge of caramalized puff pastry with a mousse of pure chocolate & tonka beans,
gel of bergamot and ice cream of salted caramel


Pavlova of cassis with Dutch blackberries, Champagne sabayon and ice cream of verveine


Variation of quality cheeses