Appetizers and intermediate dishes

Pickled cod with 5 spices, foam of jalapeño and a vinaigrette of Shiso Purple
€ 32,50

Preperations of duck with red beetroot, gel of Marsala and pickled beetroot
€ 32,50

A salad of quinoa with Brussel sprouts, paté of cashewnut, beans & miso,
and a cream of pine nut
€ 24,50

Fine Claire oysters
2 Asian style, 2 with Beurre Blanc and caviar and 2 classique
€ 39,50

Skin fried pike-perch, sweet and sour of red cabbage and a sauce of beurre blanc with juniper
€ 32,50

crispy baked sweetbread and blade steak, chutney of pumpkin and sauce of mace
€ 32,50

Cooked Kings ‘St. Jacobs’ mushrooms with carrots, foam of union and a sauce of lovage
€ 29,50

Main dishes

Northsea sole en Croûte with duxelles of mushrooms, cream of artichoke, jerusalem artichoke
leeks and a vinaigrette of  black truffle
€ 52,50

Baked turbot with sweet and sour chicory, a oyster Beurre Blanc sauce,
poached oyster and 10 grams of Osetra caviar of the house Anna Dutch
€ 65,00

Partridge with creamy sauerkraut, Pangsit filled with a stew of the leg
and a sauce of poultry with nutmeg
€ 52,50

Bavarois of celeriac with preperations of pumpkin, a poached egg
and a sauce of cepês with fresh black truffle
€ 45,00


Tangerine with bavarois of spices and coconut, peanuts and icecream of cinnamon
€ 17,50

Apple with sauce of caramel and vanilla icecream

Variation of quality cheeses

The á la carte dishes, even as the different courses from the menu are replaced regulary. We use fresh ingrediënts for our meat- fish and vegaterian dishes. We let every dish lead by the season. When the asparagus are coming out of the ground then we use it in combination on our menu.

In our fish courses speaks the Northsea a important role, like the sole, turbot and the lobster. Dutch sucklinglamb, directly out of the area, is a favourite of the chef, if it is up to the meat.

The spices what we prepare with care and passion in the kitchen of restaurant De Moerbei, got the base of the French haute cuisine. Next to that, the flavours of Asia and different gastronomique influences are finding there way to our kitchen.

Next to the menu á la carte we also serve daily menu’s of different compounds: