Hans & Anjo de Bont,

Hans and Anjo de Bont have been the driving forces behind restaurant De Moerbei for twenty-eight years. This Michelin-starred restaurant in the quaint town of Warmond since 2008 is located in an old farmhouse. You enjoy a range of delicious dishes from the French cuisine and you will also be surprised by a carefully composed wine list.

Headchef Hans de Bont:

The very experienced chef now manages a team of young chefs. He finds it particularly inspiring to work with these ‘young guys’ and to adjust them where necessary.

Hans de Bont is a professional who only settles for the best. He likes clarity. ‘As a chef, you have to see what you are doing, what quality you get at home. Just pulling a piece of meat out of a plastic packaging is not for me.’

The headchef of Restaurant De Moerbei likes to keep it simple. Dishes must be recognizable. Basic with pure flavours, made from top ingredients. ‘Our guests need to know what they have on their plate. They shouldn’t have to wonder afterwards, what have I already eaten.’

Gastvrouw Anjo de Bont:

Anjo is responsible for the wine list. She is one of the thirty ‘wine masters’ in the Netherlands. Anjo therefore knows everything in the field of wine-food combinations. She loves her job and the combination of wines and food.

As a hostess, she likes to tell her guests about the different types of wine, and why a certain taste suits a certain dish. ‘The fact that many of our wines are less known makes it all the more fun to tell our guests about it.’