Both the à la carte dishes and the multi-course menus are regularly renewed. We only use fresh ingredients for our meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. We are guided by the seasons. For example, if the asparagus shoots out of the ground, we will immediately respond to this when preparing the menu.

Fish from the North Sea, such as sole, turbot and lobster, play an important role in our fish dishes. Dutch suction lamb, straight from the polder, is a chef’s favourite when it comes to meat dishes.

The dishes that we prepare with care, craftsmanship and passion in the kitchen of restaurant De Moerbei, have their basis in French haute cuisine. In addition, Asian and other gastronomic influences also find their way into our kitchen.

In addition to our à la carte menu, we serve daily menus of varying composition:

  • Moerbei 3 course lunch 49,50 euros

  • Moerbei 4 course diner 72,50 euros

  • Moerbei 5 course diner 82,50 euros

  • Moerbei 6 course diner 92,50 euro

Moerbei menu

Asian lobster salad with bok choy, edamame beans, chuka wakame served with lobster tempura, spicy mango and Thai yogurt


Grilled turbot with a cucumber relish, nasturtium oil, jalapeño cream and beurre blanc with a hint of oyster


** North Sea sole braised in green herbs with shallot compote and Hollandaise


Rosé roast Barberie duck with a spring roll filled with candied bolt, snow peas and poultry gravy


** Variation of quality cheeses


Croustillant of almonds with Dutch cherries, cream of verbena and ice-cream of cherry beer

  ( 4 courses) 72,50

**( 5 courses) 82,50

**( 6 courses) 92,50

It is not excluded that our dishes contain allergens. Ask the service for advice.