Preperations of tuna with a cream of Parmesan & saffron, rettich
and a vinaigrette of lime


  Terrine of pheasant with duckliver and apricot, cream of vadouvan,
compote of red onion and a crisp of shallot


Bonbon of tomato, celery, a pesto of basil and ice cream of mustard


** Baked fillet of plaice with preparations of cauliflower, sea-aster, hazelnut

and oyster beurre blanc


** Slow cooked short rib of the veal with sausage of oxtail, stew of green beans,

shallot & crispy potato and sauce of sambai


** Salsify au gratin with a cram of chives, beech muchrooms,
vinaigrette of morilles and Belper Knolle cheese


Grilled turbot with Canadian lobster, caramalized chicory,
and a mash of watercress with sauce bouillabaisse


Rouleau of partridge, black pudding, foie gras, creamy sauerkraut and gravy of cognac

Ravioli of celeriac and black truffle, sweet and sour pumpkin, sauce of cêpes
with a crisp of parmesan cheese and sage


*Variation of quality cheeses

cheese instead of dessert supplement € 3,50


A bridge of caramalized puff pastry with a mousse of pure chocolate & tonka beans,
gel of bergamot and ice cream of salted caramel

Bread & butter with a cream of 5 spices, sauce of black currant and ice cream of mace


3 courses                                             € 59,50

With extra course or cheese* (4 courses) €72,50
With extra course and cheese* (5 courses) €85,00

In addition to our wine list, we also serve a wine arrangement. € 8.75 p/gl

It is possible that our dishes contain allergens.

The á la carte dishes, even as the different courses from the menu are replaced regulary. We use fresh ingrediënts for our meat- fish and vegaterian dishes. We let every dish lead by the season. When the asparagus are coming out of the ground then we use it in combination on our menu.

In our fish courses speaks the Northsea a important role, like the sole, turbot and the lobster. Dutch sucklinglamb, directly out of the area, is a favourite of the chef, if it is up to the meat.

The spices what we prepare with care and passion in the kitchen of restaurant De Moerbei, got the base of the French haute cuisine. Next to that, the flavours of Asia and different gastronomique influences are finding there way to our kitchen.

Next to the menu á la carte we also serve daily menu’s of different compounds: